Different Types of Ignorance

Today, while monitoring the Neal Boortz radio show, he had a segment featuring a survey taken at an amusement park where random people passing by were asked very basic questions about the history of Independence Day.

None of the people could answer any of the questions correctly, except for one man at the end,who was identified as a grandfather. One woman who said she was a teacher did not get a single answer right.

As I continued to listen, I was stunned by the level of jaw-dropping ignorance.  The questions asked were quite simple, on the level of a third grader.  These were questions I knew the answer to when I was ten years old.

Several people had no idea why we celebrate the Fourth of July.  One person when asked which year the United States declared its independence said 1922.   Another person named Winston Churchill as the general who led American forces during the Revolutionary War.  Still yet another had no clue as to which country we were declaring our independence from.

I was just as appalled as Boortz was by the staggering ignorance.

But then, Boortz showed his own ignorance, which was an ignorance of another sort entirely.

He said that the level of ignorance surprised him because they were "all good-looking people; mainstream Americans."  He went on to say that there were no people with "pot bellies with cigarettes dangling from their lips" nor were they wearing hoodies or had tattoos.

My jaw dropped then at his staggering ignorance.

Since when is a person's appearance, level of subjective attractiveness, fashion sense, or weight a measure of their intelligence?   At his age, Boortz should know what a crock of shit judging a book by its cover is.


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~ by libertine58 on July 6, 2010.

7 Responses to “Different Types of Ignorance”

  1. I'm still utterly convinced that the stupidity quotient of the general populace is spurred on by government policies.Stupid people are easier to control and never question where their taxes are going.

  2. Wonderfully written. Thanks.

  3. "Stupid people are easier to control and never question where their taxes
    are going" I will second your comment for it is the butt naked truth.

  4. Having not heard the interview, I cannot fully comment, but I can tell you that a large number of “facts” that were important to me when I was in school are no longer worth retaining. I would probably fail most Jr. High history quizzes as MOST of the information I learned is entirely useless for me in my life and business, and information that is not regularly used is continually relegated to deeper memory that is not readily accessible.

    Not remembering unimportant facts is not nearly as disturbing to me as people who are willing to live their lives by making decisions from a state of “lazy ignorance”–willing to make decisions while not expending the effort to study the facts, both pro and con. This touches every area of our lives.

    I have a “high IQ” friend who is unwillinging to research health-damaging facts affecting him, because he does not want to be forced, based on new knowledge, into changing his habits. This is choosing ignorance with the attitude that, if you can tell yourself you “didn’t know”, then you are not to blame for the consequences. I can’t say he is “stupid”, because he is very intelligent, but at the absolute best, he is foolish.

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