About Me

“When he evades domestication, he also flees the constraints that seem to go hand in hand with marriage. He reminds wistful husbands, ensnarled in the claims of wives, children, and creditors, that the Latin root of ‘libertine’ is libertus — a freed slave”

I’m an intelligent and witty heterosexual male who is also a sucker for my cats. I’m happily unmarried and have one adult son.

As my user name indicates, I’m a libertine, which means I’m non-monogamous by philosophy and practice. physically, emotionally, and socially.

I’m an INTP on the Myers-Briggs personality scale, which I think is a rather accurate assessment of my approach to the world. I’m a political liberal with a few libertarian leanings. Though interested in religion, especially as it affects our culture, I’m an agnostic. I’m a lifelong bibliophile, reading since age four, and I’ve got a fairly broad taste in reading.

The purpose of my blog is to make people see things in a new light; to make people think.  My goal is to get people to consider things in ways they might not have before — to think outside the box.

I especially like writing about controversial topics, about supposedly inviolate sacred cows.  I enjoy the lively exchange of comments that usually follows such an entry — I know I’ve done my job if I’ve struck a nerve.

I don’t expect people to always end up agreeing with me, far from it.  It is enough to expose people to unconventional ways of thinking about things and to have them entertain such thoughts, regardless of the conclusions they ultimately draw.

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